Kri Peck knew he was destined for greatness, but a simple realization when he entered college rocked his world.

Journalism Connects.

The art of storytelling breaks boundaries like no other. Journalism grants opportunities to find cultures, influences and moments that connects us to every thread of our world.

Which Intern Are You?

Internships are so important! They build our professional character and bring us to people and places we’ve never known!

Be Flexible.

Bend a little and explore new interests! People love to see how far your passion stretches. Just don’t break your back now!


Take a look at Bylines’s previous guests.

Ebonee Bailey

Ebonee Bailey doesn’t believe in timelines and milestone markers. There’s nothing you need to accomplish by your 25th birthday or when you graduate college. Growth is all you need to take you to places you’ve never seen before.

Miranda Hendricks

For Miranda, there is nothing sweeter than discovering new joys in the world and people around her. Though she didn’t feel it right away, journalism was her secret weapon to serve others and share her art.

Espen Indrisano

Espen could never resist the power of curiosity. Even as a child, he knew the world held too many people, places and experiences that piqued his interest. His love for sports, traveling and writing made it so he could explore not only new places, but new moments that would rock his world.

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